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About me

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Nov 15 (Scorpio)

What I've Been Up To

My Artistic Self

I like to draw joke comics.  See my background?  Junk like that and more!

Find Me At the Forums

The Tales We Tell (Admin): A fun place for writing, art, and most other stuff in general.
The Chaos Cascade (Mod): Here we talk about everything.  ie. Chaos.

Let Me Inspire You

"Make life a comedy by living it like one." -Me

Things I Like Ta Do

Reading, writing, drawing funny stuff, movies, video games.

The Favourites

Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Rock (music), RPG (games)

Movies: The Lord of the Rings, Cloud Atlas
Actor: Sean Bean

Books: The Dark Tower series (Stephen King), The Wheel of Time series (Robert Jordan)
Writer: Stephen King

Songs: Somewhere Out There (Our Lady Peace), American Pie (Don McLean), From Yesterday (30 Seconds to Mars)
Band: Linkin Park

TV Show: Community
Cartoon: Futurama
Anime: Death Note

Game: Super Metroid, Diablo II

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